About us

International company KULIK SYSTEM

is a state-of-the-art enterprise that, thanks to its enormous experience in the field of ergonomics, a patented system for controlling all areas of the spine, as well as a high-tech, innovative factory, is today a leader in the production of exclusive ergonomic chairs. TM KULIK SYSTEM® is associated with special comfort, high quality, as well as individual attitude to each client. KULIK COMPANY products are represented by the following brands: KULIK SYSTEM, CROCO.VIP, E-table, SNITE.

The company was founded in 2006 by doctor-osteopath EUVGENIY Kulik. A unique ergonomic system of support, correction and load reduction for all areas of the spine for chairs was created and patented, which follows the anatomical contours of the body.

Thanks to the anatomical shape and high-tech technology of every detail, the Kulik System chair is able to:

  • Expand the limits of your comfort thanks to first-class ergonomics;
  • Prevent the occurrence of spine diseases;
  • Adjust and form a flawless posture silhouette;
  • Increase your productivity by more than 50%;
  • Significantly improve general well-being and emotional state.